Ambient Air Monitoring and Modelling

About the project

Benefits of our systems:

  • Meteorological measurement can meet EPA’s and PME guidelines.
  • Compatible with a variety of third-party gas analyzers, visibility sensors and particulate monitors.
  • Systems are compatible with continuous emission monitoring (CEM) sensors such as flow rate, opacity, temperature and pressure.
  • Ability to monitor entire network of field stations from a single PC via wireless communication.
  • Station portability allows optimal sitting and relocation if necessary.
  • Powerful on board instruction set provide measurements and auto calibrations specific to each gas analyzer and site.
  • A network of 20 stations can be polled every 60 s allowing real-time decision making to satisfy public health concerns.
  • Systems can incorporate other measurements, such as water quality, slope stability, and leak detection.
  • Systems can monitor efficiency of pollution abatement systems.



  • Client Name: admin
  • Published Date: 24 Apr, 2018
  • Category: Environmental

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