The Study of Tunnels Rehabilitation and Development in Makkah and Sacred Places

About the project

Through continuous follow-up of tunnels at Holly Makkah and Sacred Places, The officials have been monitoring the presence of many problems lowering the performance of tunnels work, some of these problems pose a risk to the safety of users of tunnels, which make the officials to accelerate the launch of this tunnels for the study and development to determine the extent of seriousness of the situation and its impact on the safety of the users of these tunnels in addition to analyze and design practical and modern solutions employing up to date technologies in order to raise the level of tunnels of Makkah and the holy sites to be in the ranks of the global tunnels, some developments and new systems have been proposed to the tunnels. The project lasted three years to finish a total number of 58 tunnels, of them 48 are vehicular tunnels and 10 are pedestrian with a total length of 34.727 km.


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  • Published Date: 16 Jan, 2018
  • Category: Engineering

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